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"When I do EduDance I get a really good beat stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I love coming to school on Wednesday’s because my class goes to EduDance."  EduDance student
"As Movement & Dance form part of the Health & PE Outcome Statements, I feel Colleen's program was an excellent form of assessment in this regard."  Julie McCarthy, PE Specialist
"What a wonderful experience for my students! The new kinesthetic challenges you presented were extremely valid in terms of extending their physical learning and problem-solving experiences."  Jan Clarke, PEAC Teacher
"I like EduDance because I use lots of energy and it makes me feel happy. It is fun when we all work together in patterns and work as a team."  EduDance student
"Outstanding! After many years of being involved in education, the quality of incursion programs that Colleen brought to our school would have to be up with the best."  Richard Wills, PE Coordinator/Teacher
"I really liked the dancing we have been doing. I wish we were doing dancing next term as well. I think it should be called 'FunDance'. I wish it would never stop!"  EduDance student
"The exercise is good for my lungs, heart and muscles. I have so much fun at my dance lessons."  EduDance student
"Thank you for your wonderful work in teaching EduDance this term. Our son's attitude has been totally transformed. The performances by all the classes today were outstanding."  Trevor & Sharon Taylor, Parents

"We had our assembly yesterday - it was great! We are all grateful for the effort you put into helping us get to know the steps to 'Wipeout'. So thank you for all your help."  EduDance student

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Colleen Osborne is from Perth, Western Australia and has over 30 years of teaching and dance experience.

Colleen has personally achieved a great level of success as a performer, holding a World Title, and has toured both nationally and internationally in several dance companies.

Her teaching experience has extended over three decades and has seen her successful as Principal Teacher of her own studio and, more recently, within school communities.

Colleen has developed and implemented the Edu-Dance program over the past 16 years and, along with her staff of specialised dance teachers, is promoting dance across a wide spectrum of schools throughout Perth.

In addition, she has been a member of several adjudicating panels including the Catholic Performing Arts Festival.

Colleen is skilled in many forms of dance enabling her to provide a well rounded and extensive selection of services. She has prepared students for examinations, competitions, Rock Eisteddfods and annual dance productions - being rewarded with successful student achievements across all areas.

More recently, Colleen has developed dance programs to suit a wide range of students and has worked with over 200 schools and organisations.