Edu-Dance is a curriculum-based dance fitness program designed for primary school students. We are privately owned and operated, with most of our 270 schools located in Perth, Western Australia. We also reach regional areas including Exmouth, Wickham District High school, Lake Grace Primary, Christmas Island and as far north as the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory.


Edu-Dance was founded in 1999 and has been developed and refined over 23 years to cater for Kindy to Year 6 students. Edu-Dance focuses on physical fitness, dance confidence, developing self-esteem in students and teamwork. We deliver fast paced, high-energy lessons with age appropriate choreography and music. We are primarily hip-hop based in style but also touch on contemporary, Musical theatre and Jazz genres. Each year we provide a fresh set of routines designed by our accomplished team of choreographers to keep our content current and relevant.


Edu-Dance is currently looking for instructors to join our team.

The Edu-Dance instructor role is challenging and extremely rewarding. Eligible candidates will have fully developed skills in classroom management of up to 30 students and will be able to run engaging lessons that motivate students. We encourage students to be a part of the lesson, rather than talking at them like a lecturer. Students learn best when they are having fun, so a vibrant personality and a sense of humor are a must.

Participating schools and colleges


“We had our Assembly yesterday – it was great! You could tell by the audience because none of them moved, they were so still. They only moved when the assembly ended, except for the Year 1’s because we did it again and they loved it. I love the song Wipeout and the moves to it as well. We are all grateful for the effort you put into helping us get to know the steps to Wipeout. So thank-you for all your help.”